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Mark andes

Mark Andes (born February 19, 1948) is an American musician, known for his work as a bassist with Canned Heat, Spirit, Jo Jo Gunne, Firefall, Heart, and Mirabal. Andes was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Los Angeles, one of two sons of actor Keith Andes (1920–2005). As a teenager, he was an early member of Canned Heat, but left before the band was signed to a recording contract. Andes was a founding member of the band Spirit. He played bass on their first four albums and on some subsequent reunion albums. During a bout with the flu, Mark co-wrote one of Spirit's first singles, "Mechanical World," with fellow Spirit member Jay Ferguson. Spirit was noted for its hybrid sound of rock and jazz styles. The group released groundbreaking works such as Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus (1970), that were critically lauded later on, but commercial success largely eluded them at the time. When the original line-up of Spirit broke-up in 1971, Andes and Jay Ferguson formed the band Jo Jo Gunne. He recruited his brother, Matt Andes, to play guitar. Andes only recorded one album with Jo Jo Gunne before semi-retiring from music around 1972.

Personal details

Date of birth
February 19th, 1948
United States of America
Places lived
Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
pop. 1,553,165 (2013)



Musical acts

1.Heart Rock music, Folk rock, Hard rock, Pop rock, Glam rock, Heavy metal, Pop music

1982 - 1992

Heart is an American rock band that first found success in Canada and later in the United States and worldwide. Over the group's four-decade history, the band has had three primary lineups, with the constant center of the group since 1974 being sisters Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson. Heart rose to fame in the mid-1970s with music influenced by hard rock and heavy metal as well as folk music. Their popularity declined in the early 1980s, but the band enjoyed a comeback starting in 1985 and experienced even greater success with album oriented rock hits and hard rock ballads into the 1990s. With Jupiter's Darling, Red Velvet Car, and Fanatic, Heart made a return to their hard rock and acoustic folk roots. To date, Heart has sold over 35 million records worldwide, including over 22.5 million in album sales in the U.S. The group was ranked number 57 on VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock". With Top 10 albums on the Billboard Album Chart in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2010s, Heart is among the most commercially enduring hard rock bands in history. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Lead guitar, Backing Vocals 1967 1979
Steve Fossen
1967 1982
Flute, Violin, Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Autoharp 1972
Keyboard, Mandolin, Synthesizer, Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals 1975 1995
1975 1997
Michael Derosier
1975 1982
Percussion, Drums 1982 1993
Bass guitar, Backing Vocals 1982 1992
Fernando Saunders
Bass guitar 1993 1995
Ben Smith
Drums 1995 1998
Guitar 1995 1998
Bass guitar 2002 2006
Keyboard, Synthesizer 2003 2004
Gilby Clarke
Guitar 2003 2004
Craig Bartock
Guitar 2004
Debbie Shair
Synthesizer, Keyboard 2004
Bass guitar 2009 2012
Dan Rothchild
Bass guitar 2012


Album title Released Type
Dreamboat Annie 1976 Studio album
Magazine 1977 Studio album
Little Queen 1977 Studio album
Dog & Butterfly 1978 Studio album
Bebe Le Strange 1980 Studio album
Private Audition 1982 Studio album
Passionworks 1983 Studio album
Heart 1985 Studio album
Bad Animals 1987 Studio album
Brigade 1990 Studio album
Desire Walks On 1993 Studio album
Heart Presents a Lovemongers' Christmas 2001 Studio album
Jupiter's Darling 2004 Studio album
Red Velvet Car 2010 Studio album
Fanatic 2012 Studio album

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2.Spirit Psychedelic rock, Progressive rock, Rock music, Hard rock

1967 - 1971

Spirit was an American jazz/hard rock/progressive rock/psychedelic band founded in 1967, based in Los Angeles, California. Their most commercially successful single in the US was "I Got A Line On You", but they were also known for their albums including The Family That Plays Together, Clear, and Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Keyboard 1967 1973
Percussion, Vocals 1967 1979
Bass 1967 1971
Drums 1967 1973
Vocals, Guitar 1967 1971
Lead Vocals, Bass 1971 1973
John Christian Staehely
Guitar, Vocals 1971 1973
John Arliss
Bass 1971
Stu Perry
Drums 1972 1973
Barry Keene
Bass 1974 1976
Keyboard 1975
Vocals 1976 1977
Larry Fuzzy" Knight"
Bass, Vocals 1978 1979
Vocals, Bass 1982 1997
Scott Monahan
Vocals, Keyboard 1984 1997
Mike Nile
Vocals, Bass 1990 1993
George Valuck
Keyboard 1990 1995
Steve Liberty" Loria"
Vocals, Bass 1993 1997
Matt Andes
Vocals, Guitar 1995 1997
Rachel Andes
Vocals 1995 1997
Bass, Vocals 1997


Album title Released Type
Model Shop 2005 Soundtrack

3.The Red Roosters

Member history

Member Role Start End

4.Firefall Pop rock, Country rock, Rock music, Soft rock

Firefall is a rock band that formed in Boulder, Colorado in 1974. It was founded by Rick Roberts, who had been in the Flying Burrito Brothers, and Jock Bartley, who had been Tommy Bolin's replacement in Zephyr. The band's biggest hit single, "You Are the Woman", peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard charts in 1976. Other hits included "Just Remember I Love You", "Strange Way", "Cinderella", "Headed for a Fall", and "Staying with It" with female vocalist Lisa Nemzo.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Vocals, Lead guitar 1974
Steven Weinmeister
Vocals, Guitar
Chris Ball
Saxophone, Keyboard, Flute
Sandy Ficca
Bil Hopkins
Bass, Vocals


Album title Released Type
Firefall 1976 Studio album
Luna Sea 1977 Studio album

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5.Jo Jo Gunne Rock music

Jo Jo Gunne is a rock band, formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1971 by Jay Ferguson and Mark Andes after they had left Spirit. The group's name is derived from "Joe Joe Gun", a Chuck Berry song that peaked at #83 as a single in November 1958.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Matt Andes
William Smith

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6.Canned Heat Boogie rock, Blues, Roots rock, Rock music, Southern rock, Blues rock, Electric blues

1966 - 1967

Canned Heat is an American blues/boogie rock band that formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1965. The group has been noted for its own interpretations of blues material as well as for efforts to promote the interest in this type of music and its original artists. It was launched by two blues enthusiasts, Alan Wilson and Bob Hite, who took the name from Tommy Johnson's 1928 "Canned Heat Blues", a song about an alcoholic who had desperately turned to drinking Sterno, generically called "canned heat". After appearances at Monterey and Woodstock, at the end of the 1960s the band acquired worldwide fame with a lineup consisting of Bob Hite, vocals, Alan Wilson, guitar, harmonica and vocals, Henry Vestine on lead guitar, Larry Taylor on bass, and Adolfo de la Parra on drums. The music and attitude of Canned Heat afforded them a large following and established the band as one of the popular acts of the hippie era. Canned Heat appeared at most major musical events at the end of the 1960s and they were able to deliver on stage electrifying performances of blues standards and their own material and occasionally to indulge into lengthier 'psychedelic' solos.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Stuart Brotman
1965 1966
1965 1967
Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar 1965 1970
1965 1971
Guitar 1965 1966
Mike Perlowin
1965 1965
1965 1969
Bass 1966 1967
Drums, Vocals 1967
1967 May, 1970
Guitar 1969 1970
Guitar 1974 1975
Clifford Solomon
1974 1974
Keyboard 1974 1976
Jock Ellis
1974 1974
1976 1977
Keyboard 1978 1978
Guitar 1978 1980
Jay Spell
1978 1980
Ernie Rodriguez
1980 1985
Mike Halby
1980 1984
Jon Lamb
1980 1980
Guitar 1981 1985
Richard Kellogg
1981 1985
James Thornbury
1985 1995
Guitar 1988 1991
Ron Shumake
1990 1996
Becky Barksdale
1992 1992
Smokey Hormel
1992 1992
Robert Lucas
1995 2000
1996 2010
Mark Pocket" Goldberg"
1996 1996
Dallas Hodge
2000 2005
2000 2005
Barry Levenson
2006 2010
Dale Spalding
Vocals, Bass, Harmonica, Guitar 2008


Album title Released Type
Living the Blues 1968 Studio album

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