Marko Sjoblom

Marko Sjoblom (born 1 December 1970 in Finland) is a private investor with financial software and professional sports background. He attended Kuortane Urheilukio Sports Academy in Finland (1987-1991), where the F1 McLaren team prepares for their season, and trained under Petteri Jouste who is known from the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Coaches Working Group. After his sprinting career he started playing American Football in Finnish Maple League and was selected for Finnish National Team in 1993 by former San Francisco 49ers (NFL) Head Coach, Ken Meyer. In that year he was chosen League¬タルs Rookie of the Year, won the Scandinavian Cup with Turku Trojans and was vice-Champion in the League. In his second year with the National Team (1994), Ken Meyer promoted him as the starting running back, and year later, Finland won the European Championship in Vienna. In the Championship tournament, he received the MVP award (Most Valuable Player) by EFAF (European Federation of American Football) and was selected in that year as All-Star running back in Maple League.

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Date of birth
December 1st, 1970

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