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Lieutenant General Martín Antonio Balza (13 June 1934 Salto, Buenos Aires) is an Argentine military former Chief of Staff of the Argentine Army. He is currently Argentine ambassador to the Republic of Colombia. A man of strong democratic convictions, had stood up for the legitimate government in every attempted coup d'état throughout his senior career. He also gave the first institutional self-criticism about the Armed Forces' involvement in the 1976 coup and the ensuing reign of terror. He is an artillery officer specialised in mountain warfare. In 1982, with the rank of Lt Colonel he participated in the Falklands War (Spanish: Guerra de las Malvinas/Guerra del Atlántico Sur) as commander of the 3rd Artillery Group. He was awarded the Argentine Army to the Military Merit Medal for his conduct during this campaign. In 1991 he became Chief of Staff of the Argentine Army during the presidencies of Carlos Menem and Fernando De la Rua. During this period Human Rights Watch mentions the following incident: In 2003 he caused a stir as he declared his conviction that in 1978 Chile would have won the war during the Beagle conflict.

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Date of birth
June 13th, 1934


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