Mary Dohey

Mary Dohey, CV was a Canadian flight attendant who was awarded the Cross of Valour, Canada's highest award for bravery, for her conduct during the hijacking of a commercial DC-8 aircraft in 1971. At the risk of losing her life, Dohey declined an offer of safe conduct from an Air Canada DC8 to remain with her fellow crew members and pacify hijacker Paul Cini, on a flight from Calgary, Alberta on November 12, 1971. During eight hours of terror, the hijacker, with a black hood over his head and armed with a shotgun and two bundles of dynamite, threatened to take the lives of the crew and all the passengers on board the airplane. Although continually threatened with the gun, Miss Dohey spoke gently to the aggressor and succeeded in discouraging him from undertaking violent measures which would have cost many innocent lives. When the aircraft was diverted and landed in Great Falls, Montana, she was able to persuade the hijacker to allow all the passengers and part of the crew, including herself, to disembark.


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