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Mary Lindell (1895-1986), also known as the Comtesse de Milleville, the Comtesse de Moncy and Marie-Claire was a British-born nurse who lived in France and worked independently against the Nazis during World War II. During the First World War, she served as a member of the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) and subsequently with the Secours aux Blessés, a division of the French Red Cross. She created escape lines in occupied France, helping to get people out of the country. Despite being sentenced to death and arrested, she managed to survive the war. Two of her children were arrested by the Nazis; one was tortured severely, but survived. The other presumably perished in a Nazi concentration camp. Lindell was born in 1895 to a wealthy family in Surrey, England. Her mother was a member of the Colls family, the daughter of a successful architect. She was decorated for her bravery and service by the French, receiving a Croix de Guerre in 1918. She was also decorated by the Tsarist Russian governments. She married the Count de Milleville, a member of the French aristocracy, and made her home in France. Following the Nazi invasion of France, Lindell worked with various Allied agencies, at  ( Wikipedia article )


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