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Mary Styles Harris, Ph.D. (born June 26, 1949) is an American geneticist. Harris was born in Nashville, Tennessee, June 26, 1949 to George and Margaret Styles. George was a doctor, and it was her career that sparked Harris' early interest in science. George died when Harris was 9 years old. When Harris entered Miami Jackson High School she was one of the first African Americans to enroll. In 1967, she graduated twelfth in her class of 350. At Lincoln University in Pennsylvania Harris was one of the first women to enroll. The male students were surprised to see Harris in their advanced algebra and organic chemistry classes. She spent most of her time with pre-med students, with the goal of attending medical school. Her father's colleagues reserved Harris a place at the University of Miami Medical School, but she did not accept it. She did not want to treat people, she wanted to do research. Harris graduated from Lincoln University in 1971, and then enrolled at Cornell University where she studied molecular genetics. Harris graduated with her doctorate in 1975. Harris then went on to do Postdoctoral study at Rutgers University. Harris has dedicated her professional life to  ( Wikipedia article )


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