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Matej Zmajevic Matija Zmajević (also Matej Zmajević, in Russia Matvei Khristoforovich Zmayevich Russian: Матвей Христофорович Змаевич) (January 6, 1680, Perast, Bay of Kotor - August 23, 1735, Tavrov, Russia) was admiral of the Baltic Fleet and the shipbuilder of the famous Russian Tsar Peter I the Great, and for whom he built a fleet in Voronezh. Ethnically drawing descent from the Njeguši Montenegrin clan, his ethnic origin is thus Montenegrin i.e. Serb. Zmajevic himself had only an ambiguous Slavic national conscious identity. However, due to the historical process that have led to creations of modern nations over the forthcoming centuries, and especially significant after the dissolution of Yugoslavia, Matija Zmajevic is claimed as an important person in the national heritage of three different nations - Montenegrin, Serbian and Croatian (lastly due to his Roman Catholic confession and the fact that the cultural heritage of the Roman Catholics of Boka kotorska has been integrated and is generally cherished by the Croatian - mostly Catholic Christian - nation). He was born in a prominent family from Perast (Bay of Kotor). His uncle, Archbishop of Antivari (Bar) and Serbian Primate Andrija  ( Wikipedia article )


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