Matthew F. Hale

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Matthew F. Hale (born July 27, 1971), more commonly known as Matt Hale, was the third Pontifex Maximus (Latin for "highest priest") of the nontheistic and ethnocentric religion, Creativity, and the founder of the group formerly known as the World Church of the Creator and now known as The Creativity Movement. The organization's headquarters were based in East Peoria, Illinois. In 1998, Hale made headlines when his application for an Illinois law license was denied due to his religious beliefs in Creativity, described as a "gross deficiency in moral character". On April 6, 2005, Hale was sentenced to a 40-year prison term for soliciting an undercover FBI informant to kill federal judge Joan Lefkow. He is currently incarcerated in the Administrative Maximum facility in Florence, Colorado, as Inmate number 15177-424. Hale was raised in East Peoria, Illinois, a city on the Illinois River. By the age of 12, he was reading books about National Socialism such as Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf, and had formed a group at school. In August 1989, Hale entered Bradley University, studying political science. In September 1989, Hale began writing editorials in the college newspaper, the Bradley  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Known as
Matthew Hale
Date of birth
Place of birth
East Peoria
United States of America


Institution From To
Bradley University
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Southern Illinois University School of Law

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