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Ziauddin Islahi (1937 – 2 February 2008) was an Islamic scholar who served as Director and Secretary of the Darul Musannefin Shibli Academy Azamgarh India (1988–2008) and as Director of Madarsatul Islah, Saraimir Azamgarh India until 2008. Ziauddin Islahi was born to a religious family in 1937 in the village of Saharya, near Nizambad, in Azamgarh district, India. He studied in Madarsatul Islah, Saraimir. He was a student of Akhtar Ahsan Islahi, a disciple of Hamiduddin Farahi. His elder brother Qamruddin Islahi was also a student of Madarsatul Islah and of Amin Ahsan Islahi, the famous disciple and heir of Hamiduddin Farahi. After completing his education, the young Ziauddin joined Darul Musannefin Shibli Academy as a research scholar (Rafiq) in 1957 when Shah Moinuddin Nadvi was Director of The Academy. Ziauddin Islahi became Director and Secretary of The Academy in 1988 after the death of Syed Sabahuddin Abdur Rahman. He had also served as Nazim (Director) of Madarsatul Islah, Azamgarh till his last breath.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
February 2nd, 2008 at age of 71


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