Maureen Hindley

Maureen Hindley (21 August 1946-1980) (married names were Maureen Smith and Maureen Scott) was the younger sister of the British Moors murderess, Myra Hindley, and the wife of murder witness, David Smith. She was born and raised in the working-class neighbourhood of Gorton in Manchester. As a child, she lived in a small two-up, two-down semi-detached house with her mother, Nellie Hindley, while her older sister Myra lived in the next house over with their grandmother, Ellen Maybury. As a teenager, Maureen developed into something of a wild child, and her behaviour became a cause of concern for her family when she began hanging about with rough boys of less-than-respectable origins. She also started taking after her older sister by wearing heavy eye makeup and tight hobble skirts and having her hair done up in a beehive or with fringed bangs. The Hindleys did not approve of Maureen's relationship with 16-year-old David Smith, who had lived near the Hindleys with his father, Jack, and did not attend the teenage couple's shotgun wedding on 15 August 1964.

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Date of birth
August 21st, 1946

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