Max Otto Koischwitz

Max Oscar Otto Koischwitz (February 19, 1902, Jauer, Silesia – August 31, 1944, Berlin) was a naturalized American of German origin who directed and broadcast Nazi propaganda during World War II. Koischwitz was the son of a prominent physician, born into a family with a history of military service to Prussia and Germany. In 1920 he completed his secondary education at one of the most famous Gymnasia in Berlin, the College Royal Français, and graduated from the University of Berlin in 1924. He immigrated to the United States in that year. He then taught German at Columbia University and became a professor of German Literature at Hunter College, New York City. Initially he took an anti-Nazi view of developments in Germany but as the 1930s progressed he came to openly support Hitler and Nazism. Despite this, Koischwitz took US citizenship at Long Island City on March 29, 1935. In the fall of 1939 Koischwitz was required by Hunter College to take leave of absence after putting anti-Semitic material into his lectures. He immediately made plans to return to Germany, resigning his position in January 1940. By the spring of 1940 Koischwitz was working as a program director in the U. S. A.

Personal details

Date of birth
February 19th, 1902
Date of death
1944 at age of 41


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