Maximilian von Götzen-Iturbide

Maximiliano Gustav Richard Albrecht Agustin von Götzen-Iturbide (born March 2, 1944 in Beszterce, Hungary), is the current head of the former Imperial House of Mexico, the House of Iturbide. As titles of nobility were abolished in Mexico, he holds no legally acknowledged Mexican title. He is the son of Count Maria Gustav von Götzen and María Gizella von Aschbrunn. His grandmother the Princess of Iturbide, María Josepha, was the daughter of Prince Salvador de Iturbide y de Marzán, and great-granddaughter of the Emperor Agustin I of Mexico, and his consort Empress Ana María of Mexico. She was also a legal descendant, by adoption, of Maximilian I of Mexico. He inherited the Iturbide name and title of pretender following the death of his grandmother Princess Maria Josepha of Iturbide in 1949 which was in accordance with her will and the wishes of her two daughters. On September 22, 1990 in Melbourne, Australia, he married Doña Maria Anna de Franceschi, who is descended from a line of Croatian and Venetian nobility. They have two children, Götzen-Iturbide lives in Australia.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 2nd, 1944
Places lived
Bistrița , Romania

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