Meiporul Nayanar

Meiporul Nayanar was a pious king. He is one of the 63 nayanmar’s of saivism. He ruled over the hill tribes of Sethi. He was chivalrous and brave. He fought many battles and was always victorious. To him Siva and his devotees, adorned Rudraksha and sacred ashes represented only truth,absolute Truth, and all the rest of the world was straw. He saw everything as Sivamayam . Nayanar’s fame soon spread far and wide. This evoked the jealousy of Muthanathan, the king of the neighbouring state. He collected a big army and attacked Nayanar several times, but he was repeatedly defeated. So, Muthanathan resorted to foul-play. One day, he disguised himself as a Siva Yogi and entered the palace at night. The gate-keepers did not question him because their king ordered them to allow siva devotees into the palace at any time. But the soldiers conveyed this to their Minister Dathan, who rushed to the Kings bed room. But before he reach the kings room, the fraudulent sage had killed the king. Dathan jumped to dehead the sage, but nayanar ordered to save muthanathan since he was disguised like a siva devotee.


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