Melinda Duckett

Melinda Duckett (nᅢᄅe Melinda Eubank) (also known as Mindy Duckett) (14 August1985 - 8 September 2006) was the mother of Trenton Duckett, a missing two-year-old from Leesburg, Florida. Duckett was born in South Korea. At four months of age, she was adopted by American parents, having arrived in the United States on December 24 1985. She spent most of her childhood in Lockport, New York with her adoptive parents before relocating to Florida in her adolescent years to live with her grandparents. Duckett's grandfather, Bill Eubanks, described her as ambitious and hard-working, and said she had been a high-school honors student. She met Joshua Duckett when she was a junior in high school, became pregnant with Trenton in her senior year and gave birth just after her graduation in 2004. She and Duckett married a year later in 2005. She filed for divorce, however, in June 2006. The following month, in July 2006, she was granted a restraining order against him. Duckett initially reported her child missing on August 27 2006, and investigators found a cut screen in the toddler's bedroom.

Personal details

Date of birth
August, 1985
United States of America
Date of death
September 7th, 2006 at age of #<ArgumentError: invalid date>
Place of death
Lady Lake
Cause of death
Places lived
Florida , United States of America
pop. 19,552,860 (2013)

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