Memucan Hunt

Memucan Hunt (1729–1808) was an early American statesman and the first person to hold the position of North Carolina State Treasurer in its current form. A native of Virginia, Memucan Hunt settled in Granville County (now Vance) on a plantation. At the age of 41, in 1770, Hunt was chosen Sergeant-at-Arms of the colonial North Carolina General Assembly and in 1773 was elected as Representative to the Assembly from Granville County. When the spirit of independence began to rise in the colony, Hunt represented Granville County in the five Provincial Congresses. In 1777, with the War for Independence underway, the fiscal needs of the colony were among its greatest concerns. Hunt was appointed Treasurer of the Hillsborough district, one of six district treasurers in the State at that time. He continued to hold office in the General Assembly and in 1779 was elected to the State Senate, serving as a member of the Committee of Accounts. In November 1783, the General Assembly, in session at New Bern, abolished the district treasurer offices and established the singular fiscal position of State Treasurer and elected Hunt to fill the post.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1808 at age of 79
Places lived
North Carolina , United States of America
pop. 9,848,060 (2013)


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