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Meredith Baxter Meredith Baxter (born June 21, 1947), also known for some years as Meredith Baxter-Birney, is an American actress and producer. She is known for her acting roles including three television series: Family (1976–1980), an ABC television-network drama, Family Ties (1982–1989), an NBC television-network situation comedy, and Dan Vs. (2011–present), a situation comedy on The Hub television-network. She was born Meredith Ann Baxter in South Pasadena, California, the daughter of actress turned director/producer Whitney Blake and Tom Baxter, a radio announcer. She was raised in Pasadena, with her two brothers, Richard (born 1944) and Brian (born 1946). Her second stepfather was situation-comedy writer Allan Manings. She got her first big break on television in 1972 as one of the stars of Bridget Loves Bernie, a CBS television-network situation comedy. The series was canceled after one season, but her co-star, David Birney became her second husband in 1974. Following their marriage and until their divorce in 1989, she was credited as Meredith Baxter-Birney, under which name she became widely known several years later on Family. She played the role of Nancy Lawrence Maitland and received two  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Known as
Meredith Ann Baxter,Meredith Baxter Birney,Meredith Baxter-Birney
Date of birth
Place of birth
South Pasadena
United States of America
Tom Baxter, Richard Baxter, Whitney Blake
David Birney Robert Lewis Bush Michael Blodgett
Eva Bush Richard Baxter Kate Birney Ted Bush Mollie Birney Peter Birney
Richard Baxter Brian Baxter


Year Performance Character
2010 Airline Disaster President Harriet Franklin
2009 Bound by a Secret
2005 Paradise, Texas
2004 Angel in the Family
2002 A Christmas Visitor Carol Boyajian
2001 Crash Course
2001 Murder on the Orient Express
1999 Man of Miracles
1997 The Inheritance Beatrice Hamilton
1988 Mickey's 60th Birthday Elyse Keaton
1986 Kate's Secret
1985 The Rape of Richard Beck
1978 Little Women
1976 All the President's Men Debbie Sloan
1972 Ben
0 The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green

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