Merze Tate

Professor from United States of America

Merze Tate (February 6, 1905 - June 27, 1996) was a professor, scholar and expert on United States diplomacy. She was the first African American graduate of Western Michigan Teachers College, first African American woman to attend the University of Oxford, first African American woman to earn a Ph.D. in government and international relations from Harvard University (then Radcliffe College), as well as one of the first two female members to join the Department of History at Howard University. Tate was born February 9, 1905 in rural Blanchard, Michigan. Her great-grandparents migrated to Michigan from Ohio after receiving land through the Homestead Act. Merze began attending Rolland Township Elementary School Number Five, which was located on land owned by her family. At age 13 she entered Blanchard High School. This high school was destroyed by fire and students had to attend makeshift classrooms in area buildings. Due to inadequate educational facilities, students graduated at the end of the tenth grade. Merze Tate was the youngest and only African-American graduate in her class and was selected valedictorian. This however, was not satisfactory for college entrance, so Merze  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Date of birth
United States of America


Institution From To
Western Michigan University
Harvard University
University of Oxford


Date of death

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