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Mian Amer Mahmood (born 25 July 1960) (Punjabi Urdu: میاں عامر محمود), is a Pakistani politician and educationist. He was the mayor of Lahore. He was born on 25 July 1960 in Model Town, Lahore. He received a Master of Business Administration from the University of the Punjab in Lahore. Corrected He is the current chairman of University of Central Punjab.He founded the college 1985. He is the owner of Dunya News.

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July 25th, 1960


1. University of the Punjab Colleges/University

University of the Punjab (Punjabi, Urdu: جامعہ پنجاب) (abbreviated some time as PU), colloquially known as Punjab University, is located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The University of the Punjab is the oldest and biggest University of Pakistan. The University of the Punjab was formally established with the convening of the first meeting of its Senate on October 14, 1882 at Simla. It was the fourth university to be established by the British colonial authorities on the Indian subcontinent (the first three universities were established by the British rulers at their initial strongholds of Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras). According to the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Punjab University is one of the top ranked general universities in Pakistan.

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46000 - Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Official web page www.pu.edu.pk
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b. 1929., Organization leader
b. 1924., Organization leader
Organization leader
b. 1956., Politician
b. 1960., Politician
b. 1955., Diplomat
b. 1956., Politician
b. 1961., Writer

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1. Punjab Group of Colleges

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64-E/1, Gulberg III, 54660 - Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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The Punjab Group of Colleges is an association of universities, colleges and organisations in Pakistan. PGC established as The Islamic Commerce Educational Society, registered in 1985 by Mian Amer Mahmood, which established its first faculty, the Punjab College of Commerce & Punjab College of Science, in Muslim Town on Canal Bank in Lahore, followed a few years later by the Punjab Law College. Since then the Punjab Group has branched out into the cities of Punjab. The group established another network in cities of the Punjab by the name of Punjab College of Information Technology, the first having been established in Lahore in 2000 and the latest at Sialkot in 2005. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Sindh and the University of Central Punjab are chartered universities of the Group. Punjab College of Business Administration was established in 1991 and Punjab Institute of Computer Science, in 1993 are the colleges of University of Central Punjab. Punjab Group of Colleges under the supervision of Mr. Ahmad Azdee, is the largest higher education group in Pakistan.

2. Allied Schools

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Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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Allied Schools is a school system and a group of schools in Pakistan. This school system is working under the Punjab Group of Colleges. Its founder & chairman is Mian Amer Mahmood. It is spread all around in the Pakistan with 400+ campuses in 62 cities.

3. Dunya News

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Dunya News is an Urdu language news and current affairs television channel from Pakistan. The channel is governed and operated by National Communication services Pvt. Ltd. Its head office is situated at Lahore, Pakistan.


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