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Michael Duffy is an American journalist, and Executive Editor for Time magazine. He was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He graduated from Oberlin College in 1980. He was a staff writer at Defense Week. He was Pentagon correspondent for Time, becoming Washington Bureau Chief from 1997 to 2005. He was a Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton University in 2006-2007. He appears on Charlie Rose, and Washington Week. He is married to Demetra Lambros; they have three sons.

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1. Oberlin College Colleges/University

Oberlin College is a private liberal arts college in Oberlin, Ohio, noteworthy for having been the first American institution of higher learning to regularly admit female and black students. Connected to the college is the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, the oldest continuously operating conservatory in the country. The college's motto is "Learning and Labor.

Type Liberal arts college
2013. 720 mil. $
2010. 633 mil. $
Institution colors
September 2nd, 1833
Cox Administration Building, Room 201, 44074 - Oberlin, Ohio
2012. 2,930
2010. 2,974
2009. 2,889
2012. 14
2010. 26
Acceptance rate
2012. 31.3 %
2010. 30.0 %
Local tuition
2013. 46.3 K $
2010. 41.2 K $
Official web page new.oberlin.edu
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b. 1962., Journalist
b. 1963., Journalist
b. 1925., Journalist
b. 1885., Journalist
b. 1943., Journalist
b. 1971., Journalist
b. 1939., Journalist
b. 1949., Journalist

Written work

1.Marching in place

Editions Subjects Co-authors
1992. at New York City

2.The Preacher and the Presidents

Editions Subjects Co-authors
2007. at New York City (432 pages)

3.The Presidents Club: Inside the World's Most Exclusive Fraternity

Editions Subjects Co-authors
2012. by Simon & Schuster
2013. by Simon & Schuster


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