Old Salisbury Road murders Event

The Old Salisbury Road murders was a spree killing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, committed by Michael Charles Hayes (born January 13, 1964) on July 17, 1988. Hayes shot nine people leaving 4 of them dead; his subsequent successful use of the insanity defense in courts created a statewide controversy in the early 1990s. Michael Hayes was born in Winston-Salem in Forsyth County, North Carolina where he was raised. After beginning to use drugs at age 13, Hayes became known for bullying and self-aggrandizing behavior, fueled by probable mental illness and drug abuse. After bouncing from job to job, Hayes began to work at a business purchased by his parents. The business, Edwards' Moped Shop, was located on Old Salisbury Road in southern Forsyth County, near the Davidson County line. After stealing funds from the business for a number of months, Hayes' parents threatened to sell the business and stop supporting him, an idea that helped to fuel Hayes' break with reality.

Personal details

Date of birth
January 13th, 1964


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