Michael Lee Shaver, Jr.

Michael Lee Shaver, Jr. (born 1972) is an American criminal. During his August 19, 2006 arrest for his involvement in an unsuccessful carjacking earlier that morning, he informed deputies his knowledge of human remains which could be found on the 3-acre (12,000 m) rental property just northeast of Drexel, Missouri where he and his mother, Shirley Ann Bryson, resided. While questioned about his involvement in the attempted carjacking earlier that day, he spontaneously confesses to murdering seven Kansas City Metro Area men. Shaver explained that he would shoot and kill them so he could steal small amounts of drugs and money they had; he then dismembered, burned, crushed and scattered their bones across the backyard. Initially, the police reported finding bone fragments from two bodies. An examination from an anthropologist found pins and screws among some of the bone pieces, which he determined to be a skull, and bone pieces of an animal. The murder charges were dropped on December 13, 2006 due to lack of evidence. He is still being charged with attempted robbery, aggravated assault, tampering and making a false report when he faces a judge in January 2008.

Personal details

Date of birth
United States of America
Places lived
Drexel , Missouri
pop. 962 (2013)

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