Michael McKnight

Michael McKnight is a singer, songwriter and filmmaker who is currently the lead singer and frontman of the national alternative/hard rock band Soulidium. At an early age, Michael began demonstrating a passion for music, with uncommon arising musical skills and talents. Michael would go on to form Soulidium. In May 2009, McKnight married Vicious Angelz Gothic model and founder Angelina D'Angeles McKnight. At the end of 2005, Michael had joined Myspace and began to post ads for band members to join him in creating a band. The name, Soulidium, was thought up by Michael which he described as meaning, "The place within us that contains the mystical spirit and soul of our creative artistry." After gaining members and establishing the band, Michael and Soulidium worked to earn a record deal and publish their debut album, Children of Chaos. As a filmmaker, McKnight has written the scripts for many Soulidium music videos including "Drama" and "The Light". In addition to writing scripts, McKnight was also the director for the music video "Live Forever" and the Saw IV themed music video "Trapped".

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