Michael Wachtler

Michael Wachtler (born 2 February 1959 in Innichen, South Tyrol) is an author and researcher from South-Tyrol. During his studies, he participated in numerous mountain expeditions. His interest was mainly aroused by crystals and fossils. In 1984, his teacher, Nolli Huber, fell during an excursion looking for crystals and lost his life. From 1980 to 1990, Wachtler founded various magazines in South Tyrol. In 1990, Wachtler discovered the Voltzia dolomitica and the Voltzia ladinica in the Dolomites, two new species of primitive conifers which are a considerable evolutionary stage in the history of this group of trees. Both mark the passage of primitive coniferous trees to their modern day versions. He also focused his studies on the fossil remains of the Bjuvia dolomitica vegetable species, a primitive cycad which he described together with the Dutch scientist, Han van Konijnenburg - van Cittert. During that period, he successfully published his first books and filmed his first, equally appreciated documentaries, especially the ones dealing with the life of crystal hunters in the Alps and the genesis of the Dolomites.

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Date of birth
February 2nd, 1959


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