Michel Casseux

Michel Casseux, also known as "Pisseux" (1794 - 1869) was a master of Savate. He is widely considered one of the pioneers of this sport. He is even repeatedly named as its inventor and subsequently its first teacher. Based on streetfighting techniques he developed around 1820 "L'art de la savate". He banned certain street-fighting manners and developed a regulated system for self-defense and competition. Due to his efforts the new sport got even eligible for members of the French upper class who consequently attended his Savate gym. He elaborated the first training system for Savate and his gym (or "salle") was the first official Savate dojo at all. It was his student and successor Charles Lecour who eventually added boxing techniques to Savate and made it what is nowadays established as French Boxing.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1869 at age of 75


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