Midgegooroo (died 22 May 1833) was an Indigenous Australian of the Nyungar nation, who played a key role in Indigenous resistance to white settlement in the area of Perth, Western Australia. Best known as the father of Yagan, Midgegooroo was executed by white settlers in 1833. Nothing is known of Midgegooroo's life prior to the arrival of white settlers in 1829. At that time, Midgegooroo was already an old man, and a senior authority in his family group. Described as having long hair and a distinctive bump on his forehead, Midgegooroo had two wives: one an old, toothless woman, and the other a young woman named Ganiup. He is known to have had four sons, Yagan, Narral, Billy and Willim. Midgegooroo's family had customary land usage rights over a large area of what is now southern metropolitan Perth, and were able to move freely about an even larger area, presumably due to kinship ties with neighbours. In December 1830, Midgegooroo was camping by Lake Monger when two white labourers who were passing by stopped to shake hands with a group of indigenous women. When the two men returned later that day, Midgegooroo scared them off by threatening to spear one of them.

Personal details

Date of death
May 22nd, 1833
Place of death
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Cause of death
Execution by firing squad
Indigenous Australians


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