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Mihailo visevic

Michael of Zahumlje, also known as Michael Višević or rarely as Michael Vuševukčić (Croatian, Serbian: Mihajlo Višević, Cyrillic: Михаило Вишевић), was an independent Slavic ruler of Zahumlje (Zachlumia or Chulmorum, later Hum or Chelm), in present-day western Herzegovina and southern Croatia, who flourished in the early part of the 10th century. A neighbour of Croatian Kingdom and Serbia (Rascia) as well as an ally of Bulgaria, he was nevertheless able to maintain independent rule throughout at least a good part of his reign. Michael have come into territorial conflict with the Peter Gojniković, the ruler of Serbia, who was extending his power westwards. To eliminate that threat and as a close ally of Bulgaria, Michael warned the Bulgarian Tsar Simeon I about the alliance between Peter and Symeon's enemy, the Byzantine Empire. Symeon attacked Serbia and captured Peter, who later died in prison. Michael was mentioned together with Tomislav of Croatia in Pope John X's letter of 925. In that same year, he participated in the first church councils in Split. Some historians have taken Michael's participation at the church council as evidence of Zahumlje as a vassal of Croatia.

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