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Michael Charles "Mike" Murphy (February 26, 1860 – June 4, 1913) was an athletic trainer and coach at Yale University (1887–1889, 1892–1896, 1901–1905), Detroit Athletic Club (1889–1892), University of Michigan (1891), Villanova University (1894), University of Pennsylvania (1896–1901, 1905–1913), and the New York Athletic Club (1890–1900). He also coached the American track athletes at the Summer Olympics in 1900, 1908, and 1912. He also spent a year in approximately 1884 as the trainer of heavyweight boxing champion John L. Sullivan. The Washington Post in 1913 called Murphy "the father of American track athletics." He was considered the premier athletic trainer of his era and was said to have "revolutionized the methods of training athletes and reduced it to a science." He is credited with establishing many innovative techniques for track and field, including the crouching start for sprinters. Accounts concerning Murphy's youth differ. He was born in February 1860 either in Southboro, Westboro or Natick, Massachusetts. He was the son of Irish immigrants, a man "of humble birth and scant education.

Personal details

Date of birth
February 26th, 1860
United States of America
Date of death
June 4th, 1913 at age of 53
Place of death
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Cause of death




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