Mikhail Bonch-Bruevich

Military Person from Russia

Mikhail Bonch-Bruevich Mikhail Dmitriyevich Bonch-Bruyevich (Russian: Михаи́л Дми́триевич Бонч-Бруе́вич; {{OldStylePoles|Polish]] descent - surname written in Polish: Boncz-Brujewicz. From 1892-1895, Bonch-Bruyevich served as an officer with the Lithuanian Guards Regiment, posted at Warsaw. At the outbreak of World War I Bonch-Bruyevich was in command of the 176th Perevolochensky Regiment, based at Chernigov. He was an eye witness to the aerial ramming attack in which the Russian aviator Pyotr Nesterov died. He later became chief of staff and deputy commander of the Russian Northern Front. He was commander of the Northern Front from 29 August 1917 to 9 September 1917. After the October Revolution, he was chief of staff of the Supreme Commander (1917–1918), the military director of the Supreme Military Council, and chief of field staff of the Revolutionary Military Council. This was because his brother, Vladimir Bonch-Bruyevich, was Vladimir Lenin's personal secretary.  ( Wikipedia article )


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