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Mille-Marie Treschow (born April 3, 1954) is a Norwegian woman described by the yellow press as "Norway's richest woman", although she's actually only the 5th richest according to Kapital. She is the owner of the family consortium, Treschow Fritz√łe. Treschow is the daughter of Gerhard Aage and Nanna Treschow. She has previously been married three times, and is currently married to Norwegian former shop-owner of Rimi low-cost-stores and "self made man" Stein Erik Hagen. Her previous marriage to Andreas Stang produced two children, Michael Andreas Stang Treschow, born in 1986, and Victoria Stang Treschow, born in 1989. She received an MBA in Switzerland and she has additional economic studies from the United States of America and home economics studies from France. Treschow belongs to a family, whose name is derived from "wooden shoe-maker" (Treskomager), and which was ennobled by letters patent in 1812 and as such for a short period of time belonged to the lower nobility in Norway.

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Date of birth
April 3rd, 1954


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