Milly Cangiano TV Journalist

Milly Cangiano, is a Puerto Rican journalist, graduated from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, dedicated to the entertainment business. She writes about show-biz celebrities in the local newspaper, Primera Hora. Cangiano hosteded a daily television variety show broadcast by Televicentro in Puerto Rico, and WAPA America in the U.S. titled Sacando Chispa (Causing Sparks)until 2007. Actually she works on a daily basis in the late night show "Anda Pal Cara" at Univision Puerto Rico and she does "Bombazos" at Escandalo TV in Univision USA. Cangiano also is the creator of The Festival de la Bahia(Festival of the San Juan Bay) among others big events that she produces in Puerto Rico. Also she creates and produces the TV show of " Burbujita & Bolillo", a children's educational TV show. She currently works at Flachazo VIP in Univision Puerto Rico at 9 pm.

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