Mirza Shah Abbas

His Royal Highness The Prince (Shahzada) Mirza Shah Abbas Bahadur (fullname with Royal Titles: Shahzada Mirza Muhammad Shah Abbas Bahadur born 1845 in Delhi, died 25 December 1910) a Prince of the Imperial Family of India, the son of Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar , the last Emperor of India through his wife Mubarak un-nisa KhanumBegum. He was a younger brother of Prince Mirza Mughal and former Crown Princes Mirza Dara Bakht and Mirza Fath-ul-Mulk Bahadur. He relinquished his right to the throne in favor of his older brother in 1853. In 1858, the Mughal Era officially came to an end, signifying the end of a 332 year rule. In 1877, the title Emperor of India was taken by the British Royal Family starting with Queen Victoria.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1910 at age of 65
Place of death
The Red Fort




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