Mohammad Hassan Mohebbi Olympic athlete

Mohammad Hassan Mohebbi (Persian: محمد حسن محبی) is an Iranian light heavyweight freestyle wrestler from Kermanshah. He is the brother of Mohammad Hossein Mohebbi, who is also a renowned wrestler. They were called the Mohebbi Brothers. He won one silver and one bronze medal at the World Championships (The silver medal was stripped off due to unsportive behaviour). Like many of his fellow Iranian wrestlers in 1980s, his sport career has suffered by political influences of the Iranian Sport Organization at that time. Iran boycotted the Olympic Games' 1980 and 1984, and did not participate at the Wrestling World Championships 1979, 1983, 1986 and 1987. At the World Championship 1985 Budapest, Mohebbi lost against the American William Scherr in the final and won the silver medal, but he was forced by the Iranian Team Officials to step down the podium in order not to stand at attention for US anthem and flag. The FILA executive board stripped him of his medal after ruling Mohebbi's action was disrespectful towards other medalists. His silver medal was passed to the German Roland Dudziak.

Personal details

Date of birth
Places lived
Kermanshah , Iran
pop. 822,921 (2006)


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