Mohammad Nabi Azimi Military Person

General Mohammad Nabi Azimi was the Deputy Defense Minister of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan(DRA) who played a critical role in the fall of President Mohammad Najibullah. An ethnic Mohammadzai Pashtun, he belonged to the Parcham faction of the PDPA. In 1986 Azimi was in charge of the DRA forces at the Second Battle of Zhawar in Paktia Province which was waged against mujahideen forces under Jalaluddin Haqqani. The large-scale offensive against a mujahideen base quickly ran into difficulties: an inexperienced commando brigade was wiped out in a botched heliborne assault against fortified positions. Some commandos mistakenly landed in Pakistan. Azimi withdrew to Kabul on "important business" and ordered the arrest of the helicopter unit commander. He was replaced by an other DRA officer, and a Soviet general took over the operation. In 1990, along with General Abdul Rashid Dostum he was involved in the fight against Hezb-i Islami. In early 1992, DRA leader Najibullah lost control of Northern Afghanistan, following the defection of the pro-government militia of Abdul Rashid Dostum, and on March 18, he announced his intention to resign.


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