Mohammed Adil Shah

Deceased Person from India

Mohammed Adil Shah Muhammad Adil Shah was the ruler of Bijapur, ascending the throne in 1627 at the comparatively young age of sixteen years. This was accomplished with the help of two Bijapuri nobles – Daulat Khan (later entitled as Khawas Khan) and Mirza Muhammad Amin Lari (later entitled as Mustafa Khan). Muhammad’s glorious reign of thirty years witnessed some momentous historical events. Bijapur became partner with the Mughals in the extinction of Ahmednagar. Muhammad maintained friendly relations with Shah Jahan and made the peace treaty of 1636, after the extinction of Ahmednagar. And by a farman of Shah Jahan he got assurances for the security of the independence of Bijapur from the Mughal aggression. Due to his good relations, Shah Jahan formally recognized Muhammad’s sovereignty and bestowed on him the title of SHAH in 1648, the only ruler of Bijapur to receive such recognition from the Mughals. The Treaty of 1636, with the Mughals sealed the expansion of Bijapur in the north. So Muhammad Adil Shah extended his dominations westwards into Konkan, Pune, Dhabul (present Mumbai), southwards into Mysore, and eastwards into Karnataka, present south Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. During his reign,  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Date of birth
Ibrahim Adil Shah II
Ali Adil Shah II


Date of death
Place of burial
Gol Gumbaz

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