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Mawlay Mohammed ash-Sheikh ash Sharif al-Hassani al-Drawi at-Tagmadert (1490/1491 – 23 October 1557) was the first sultan of the Saadi dynasty ruling over Morocco (1544–1557). "Al-Drawi at-Tagmadert" means: the man from the Draa river valley, from Tagmadert. He was particularly successful in expelling the Portuguese from most of their bases in Morocco. He also eliminated the Wattasids and resisted the Ottomans, thereby establishing a complete rule over Morocco. After the death of his father Abu Abdallah al-Qaim in 1517, Mohammed ash-Sheikh (together with his brother Ahmad al-Araj) took command of the war of the Saadi against the Portuguese. Their first success was against the Kingdom of Fez with the conquest of Marrakesh in 1524. Ahmad al-Aray became Sultan of Marrakesh, retaining contacts with the Wattasid Sultan of Fez, while Mohammed ash-Sheikh remained as ruler of Taroudant. In 1527, the Treaty of Tadla was passed between the Saadians and the Wattasids, following the Wattasid defeat in the battle of Wadi al-Abid. Both dynasties agreed to their dominion on respective territories, separated by Tadla.

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October 23rd, 1557




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