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Mojo Mathers (born 23 November 1966) is a New Zealand politician and a member of the New Zealand House of Representatives. She became known through her involvement with the Malvern Hills Protection Society and helped prevent the Central Plains Water Trust's proposal to build a large irrigation dam in Coalgate. She has been a senior policy advisor to the Green Party since 2006 and has stood for the party in the last three general elections. Her candidacy for the 2011 election created significant media interest due to her high placing on the Green Party's list. Mathers was elected to the 50th term of Parliament, becoming the country's first deaf Member of Parliament. Mathers was born in London, UK in 1966. Her parents named her after the Muddy Waters' 1957 version of the song "Got My Mojo Working". She herself has three children. In her personal life, she "strive[s] to reduce [her] personal impact on the environment by being vegetarian, supporting GE free, non-toxic, organic, fair trade and local, [and] using public transport". Mathers "was born profoundly deaf after oxygen was cut to her as newborn baby during a difficult birth". She is not, however, mute, and is a lipreader.

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Date of birth
November 23rd, 1966
New Zealand
Places lived
London , United Kingdom
pop. 8,308,000 (2013)

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Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

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New Zealand


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The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand is the third largest political party in the New Zealand parliament with 14 seats. It focuses firstly on environmentalism, arguing that all other aspects of humanity will cease to be of concern if there is no environment to sustain it. Ecological economics, social justice, participatory democracy, and non-violence make up the balance of its platform. The party is currently co-led by MP Metiria Turei and Russel Norman. The party has both a male and female co-leader. The male co-leader position was vacant following the November 2005 death of Rod Donald until the 2006 annual general meeting when Norman was elected using the alternative vote system. Following former female co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons's decision to step down in February 2009, Turei was elected at the 2009 annual general meeting. In the 2014 general election, the Green Party's share of the party vote fell slightly to 10.70% from 11.06% in 2011, after rising from 6.72% in 2008. In addition, the Green Party contests Auckland Council elections under the City Vision banner, in concert with the Labour Party and the Alliance.

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