Moriz von Lyncker

Politician from Germany

Moriz Freiherr von Lyncker (30 January 1853 – 20 January 1932) was a Prussian officer of the German Empire and Chief Of The Prussian Military Cabinet. Lyncker was born in Spandau, Prussia into a military family, with his father, his father-in-law and two brothers being officers. He took part in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, and two of his sons died in the First World War. After the sudden death of the Chief of the Prussian Military Cabinet, General Dietrich von Hülsen-Haeseler, von Lyncker was on 17 November 1908 appointed to the post. He was responsible for personnel matters of the Prussian army and during First World War he was one of the closest aides to Kaiser Wilhelm II. He was present at the famous German Imperial War Council of 8 December 1912. He has been evaluated as "politically innocent, intellectually mediocre, with subservient devotion to Wilhelm II." On the other hand, as the First World War progressed and the Kaiser withdrew into an atmosphere of "fear of the world and flight from reality", he worked with Georg Alexander von Müller, Chief of the German Imperial Naval Cabinet, at great lengths to persuade the him to spend more time on the business of the  ( Wikipedia article )


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