Moussa Moumouni Djermakoye

Moussa Moumouni Djermakoye (born 26 April 1944) is a Nigerien politician who has been President of the Nigerien Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ANDP-Zaman Lahiya), a political party in Niger, since 2010. As a high-ranking army officer, he was Army Chief of Staff for a time and also briefly served as Minister of National Defense in 1999 as part of a transitional military regime. After retiring from the army and beginning a political career, he stood as the ANDP's candidate in the 2011 presidential election, winning only a small share of the vote. Since December 2011, he has been President of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of Niger (CESOC). As an army officer with the rank of colonel, Moussa Moumouni Djermakoye was the Army Chief of Staff at the time of the assassination of President Ibrahim Bare Mainassara by soldiers undertaking a coup d'etat on 9 April 1999. Amidst the confusion that followed the coup, it was suggested that he might head the junta that took power, but instead he was appointed as Minister of National Defense in the junta's transitional government, appointed a week after the coup.

Personal details

Date of birth
April 26th, 1944


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