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Major General (Retired) Gregory Mugisha Muntuyera, commonly referred to as Mugisha Muntu, is a Ugandan politician and former military officer. He is a member of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), a Ugandan political party. In 2008, he unsuccessfully contested for the party's presidency, against Kizza Besigye. From 1989 until 1998, he served as the Commander of the Army, the highest military position in the Ugandan military at that time. When the National Resistance Army was renamed the Uganda People's Defence Force (UPDF), General Muntu became Commander of the UPDF. Mugisha Muntu was born in October 1958 at Kitunga village in Ankole Uganda to the late Enock Ruzima Muntuyera and Aida Matama Muntuyera. He had an affluent childhood as his father was a strong government functionary and close friend of former Ugandan ruler Milton Obote. He attended Mbarara Junior School, Kitunga Primary and Kitunga High School. Kitunga High School was later renamed Muntuyera High School, in memory of his father by his friend President Obote. Muntu later attended Makerere College School.

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Makerere University (MAK), Uganda's largest and second-oldest higher institution of learning, (the oldest is Katigondo National Major Seminary in Masaka District, which was established in 1911), was first established as a technical school in 1922. In 1963 it became the University of East Africa, offering courses leading to general degrees from the University of London. It became an independent national university in 1970 when the University of East Africa was split into three independent universities: University of Nairobi (Kenya), University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and Makerere University. Today, Makerere University has 22 faculties, institutes and schools offering programmes for about 30,000 undergraduates and 3,000 postgraduates.

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The Forum for Democratic Change, founded on December 16, 2004, is the main opposition party in Uganda. FDC was founded as an umbrella body called Reform Agenda by that time, mostly for disenchanted former members and followers President Yoweri Museveni's National Resistance Movement. Its former Party President, Kizza Besigye, formerly a close ally of Museveni, was presidential candidate in the 2001, 2006 and 2011 presidential elections. On November 2012, Major General Mugisha Muntu was elected President of the FDC party. His five year term of office will run until after the Presidential and General Elections slated for early 2016. FDC was the greatest challenge to the National Resistance Movement in the 2006 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. Besigye was the party's presidential candidate, taking 37% of the vote against Museveni's 59%. Besigye alleged fraud and rejected the result. In the general election of 23 February 2006, the party won 37 out of 289 elected seats. In the presidential election of the same date Besigye won 37.4% of the vote. In the 2011 election the party performed worse with Besigye getting 26.01% of the vote, and the party winning 34 seats.


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