Muhammad Ali Shehki Pop Artist

Mohammad Ali Shahki is a Pakistani pop and playback singer. Though Shahki was born in Iran but he lived most of his life in Pakistan. He studied engineering in NED University Karachi, Pakistan. Later, he made a career as an aviation engineer. Shahki’s immense love of music took him to the forefront of the Pakistani show business. Sohail Rana conducted an audition for Karachi television station in 1973. Numerous boys and girls including Shehki participated in that audition. In fact, Shehki was Sohail Rana’s first choice because Shehki came out number one in the test. Shehki’s debut song was ‘Sambhal, sambhal kar chalna hai.’ Music composer, Sohail Rana, the song was recorded for Karachi television station’s program, ‘Naghma zaar.’ Blessed with a magnificent voice and trained in music by Sohail Rana, Shehki soon achieved renown. He lent his voice to Sehba Akhtar’s national song, ‘Mein bhee Pakistan hoon, tu bhee Pakistan hai.’ Music composer, Sohail Rana. The language of music learned early can provide a lifelong source of kinship, celebration and comfort. Another national song in Shahki’s voice is, ‘Aye watan.’ Music composer, Sohail Rana.

Personal details

Date of birth
July 9th, 1957


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