Muhammad Ash-Shanqeeti

Muhammad Al-Ameen Ibn Muhammad Al-Mukhtaar Ibn 'Abdil-Qaadir Al-Jaknee Ash-Shanqeetee (1907–1973) was a Muslim scholar from Mauritania. His compound name was Muhammad Al-Ameen, just like the name of his father (i.e. Muhammad Al-Mukhtaar), which was the common practice of naming in his land. He was born in 1907 (1325 A.H.) in the region known as the Chinguetti Department (hence the title Shanqeetee in his name), which is the eastern part of the state of Mauritania. His lineage traces back to Ya'qoob Ibn Jaakin, the forefather of the large tribe, known as the Jaknees. The lineage of this tribe traces back to Himayr. He was born in a household of knowledge consisting of men and women that were learned. His mother was the daughter of his father's paternal uncle (i.e. his father's female cousin). So he studied under his maternal uncles, his maternal cousins and their women, the basic aspects of knowledge and the sciences of the Qur'an. He completed his studies in various subjects of the Religion under the senior scholars of his land, such as the subjects of Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, Usool, Nahw, Sarf, Balaagha (Eloquence) and more. He adhered to the Maliki Madh'hab.

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