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Mustafa Kamel Murad (Arabic: مصطفى كامل مراد‎, November 28, 1927–1998) was an Egyptian military officer and politician. Murad graduated from the military college in 1948. That same year, as a field artillery officer, he participated in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Because of his performance in that war, he received Palestine Golden Medal in 1948 and the Worthiness Silver Order in 1951. He sustained injuries during the hostilities in Palestine for which traveled to the United Kingdom for treatment. In January 1949, Murad had joined the Free Officers Movement, along with Kamal el-Din Hussein, which aimed at toppling the Egyptian Monarchy. He took on the role Chief of Staff of Artillery of the armored force during the coup on July 23, 1952, which removed King Farouk from power and installed the Egyptian Revolutionary Command Council (RCC) to rule Egypt for an interim period. Murad later traveled to the United States in 1953 to complete his earlier treatment in the UK. Murad was appointed as a member of the RCC and served as director of Minister of Education's office in 1954 and obtained a bachelor's degree in commerce from Cairo University the same year.

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Date of birth
November 28th, 1927


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