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Mya Than Tint (Burmese: မြသန်းတင့်; MLCTS: mya. than: tin. [mja̰ θáɴ tɪ̰ɴ]; 23 May 1929 – 18 February 1998) was a Burmese writer and translator. Born Mya Than on 23 May 1929 in Myaing, Pakokku Township, Magway Division, Myanmar, he was the eldest of seven children to Paw Tint and his wife Hlaing. Mya Than Tint entered Rangoon University in 1948, the year Burma gained independence from Great Britain, and received a degree in philosophy, political science and English literature. His writing career began in 1949 when his first short novel “Refugee” (ဒုက္ခသည်) was published in Tara (တာရာ) Magazine (No. 21, Vol. 3, 1949). He published many short and full length novels, documentaries and translated works in his 50 year writing career. Dataung Ko Kyaw Ywei, Mee Pinle Ko Hpyat Myi (Across the Mountain of Swords and the Sea of Fire) (ဓားတောင်ကိုကျော်၍ မီးပင်လယ်ကိုဖြတ်မယ်) (1973) is considered to be his greatest masterpiece. He also wrote historical documentaries like “Breeze over Taungthaman Lake” (တောင်သမန်အင်းက လေညှင်းဆော်တော့).

Personal details

Date of birth
May 23rd, 1929
Date of death
February 18th, 1998 at age of 68
Place of death
Yangon, Myanmar




1. University of Yangon Colleges/University

Yangon University (also the University of Yangon; Burmese: ရန်ကုန် တက္ကသိုလ်, pronounced: [jàɴɡòʊɴ tɛʔkəθò]; formerly Rangoon College, Rangoon University and Rangoon Arts and Sciences University), located in Kamayut, Yangon, is the oldest and most well-known university in Myanmar. The university offers mainly graduate degree (master's, post-graduate diploma and doctorate) programs in liberal arts, sciences and law. Full-time bachelor's degree have not been offered at the university's main campus since the student protests of 1996.

Type Public university
University Avenue Rd., Ward (10), Kamayut, 11041 - Yangon, Yangon Region
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b. 1915., Writer
b. 1913., Writer
b. 1966., Writer
b. 1925., Politician
b. 1929., Democracy activist
b. 1930., Politician
b. 1928., Actor
b. 1909., Organization leader


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