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Nakkeerar is a medieval Tamil poet from Madurai. He is renowned for his most famous work Tirumurukarruppatai. He was also the author of another work called Irayanar Akapporul. He must not to be confused with an earlier Nakkirar from 250 AD, who had also composed some very fine anthologies like Nedu-nal-vadai in Sangam literature. He is one of the prominent characters in the epic Thiruvilaiyadal Puranam. The Thiruvilaiyadal episodes of Sundareswarer's (Lord Shiva's) confrontation with Nakkeerar is enacted as a part of the Meenakshi Sundareswarer Temple festival tradations in Madurai. Nakkeerar was born in a family of chank-cutters. It is not known when Nakkeerar had lived but it is widely assumed that he lived in the 9th century AD during the Sangam period. According to broad consensus among historians and scholars, the hero of the epic PandiKovai was the Pandyan king Nedumaran who lived between 675 and 750 AD. Since Nakkirar was a contemporary of Nedumaran, they have concluded that he must have lived around the 8th century AD. The Tiruvilaiyadal Puranam relates an incident involving Nakkeerar's confrontation with Lord Shiva.


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