Nauyane Ariyadhamma Mahathera

Nauyane ariyadhamma mahathera

Nauyane Ariyadhamma Mahathera is a Sri Lankan bhikkhu (Buddhist monk) and a senior meditation teacher. He is the Spiritual Advisor of the Sri Kalyani Yogasrama Samstha, and resides at the Na Uyana Aranya. Ven. Ariyadhamma Mahathera was born on 24 April 1939 to a traditional Buddhist family in Kurunegala, and was educated at the Government School of Nilagama. His father was a supporter of Ven. Wigoda Bodhirakkhita Thera, who was resident at the nearby Na Uyana forest monastery. The close relationship with the monastics from childhood inspired his decision to ordain, and he trained under Ven. Wigoda Bodhirakkhita Thera in 1956 as an upasaka. He went forth on 27 March 1957 with Ven. Matara Sri Nanarama Mahathera as his upajjhaya, and received upasampada on 15 July 1959 with Ven. Madawala Dhammatilaka Mahathera as the upajjhaya. Ven. Ariyadhamma studied under several learned elders, including Getamanne Sri Vimalavamsa Mahathera, Ven. Kadawedduwe Sri Jinavamsa Mahathera, Ven. Devagoda Mangalasiri Mahathera and Ven. Matara Sri Nanarama Mahathera. He studied Burmese language from Ven. Nyaninda Sayadaw while he was in Sri Lanka in 1964. Ven.

Personal details

Date of birth
April 24th, 1939
Sri Lanka


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