Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk Kamboh Politician

Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk Kamboh or Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulq Maulvi also known as Mushtaq Hussain Zuberi a Muslim (1841 AD- 1917 AD) born in the Meerut in 24 March 1841 was a Muslim politician and one of the founders of All India Muslim League. Nawab Mushtak AHmad Zuberi or Nawab Vikar Ul Mulk was also the maternal uncle of Sir Ziauddin Ahmed Zuberi a renowned mathematician and pillar of Aligarh Movement. He came of reputed Kamboh (Zuberi) Arain lineage of Shaikh Abdul Momin Kamboh who held the office of Dewan-e-Tun in Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan's reign, and Muslim Kambohs of Meerut. Waqar-ul-Mulk did his engineering from Engineering College, Roorki (Roorkee). He served as a Law Secretary in the Government of Hyderabad State, Deccan for some time and then joined Revenue Department. Later he was appointed Governor of "WARARANGLE", the newly established State and with his untiring efforts, the state soon became very prosperous. Waqar-ul-Mulk received the title of Nawab Intezar Jung from the Government of Hyderabad. Then he was appointed Revenue Secretary with the orders of Nizam of Daccan.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 24th, 1841
Date of death
January 27th, 1917 at age of 75


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