Neil Patrick Carrick

Neil patrick carrick

Neil Patrick Carrick born October 20, 1965 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is an American clergyman, writer and technology consultant. He was a whistleblower involved in the 2004 scandal of Greater Grace World Outreach; a ministry founded by Pastor Carl H. Stevens Jr. in Baltimore, Maryland, for which he was previously employed as the Manager of Information Systems. He was a social activist in the late 1990s through 2001 in South East Baltimore with efforts that included school reform and refugee work. He has served in various ministry roles with several different denominations including: Unitarian Universalist Association, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Southern Baptist Convention, and Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Born October 20, 1965 in Myrtle Beach, SC to Charles Bryce Carrick Sr. and Carole Faye Bolton. His father was a local Realtor, salesman, and developer. He would attend local schools in Myrtle Beach through High School 1985, and then for a brief period the nearby Horry Georgetown Technical College in Conway, SC. At 13 his parents would divorce, and it would have a lasting effect on his family and emotional life.

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October 20th, 1965

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