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Nestor Garcia Leynes (born February 26, 1922, Santa Cruz, Manila) is a Filipino hyperrealistic painter. Leynes is regarded as one of the leaders of the "Magic Realist" movement of the Philippines. Nestor Garcia Leynes was born in February 26, 1922 in Santa Cruz, Manila. His parents were Ricardo Leynes, a doctor, and Enriqueta Garcia, a registered nurse. He had three brothers and a sister. Leynes' parents owned several paintings, including some by the Filipino master painter Fabián Cueto de la Rosa, a distant relative of the family. Probably influenced by his environment, Leynes already expressed the desire to be an artist from a young age. His parents discouraged this ambition, fearing a life of hardship for him. Nevertheless, Leynes was already taking art lessons in grade school and highschool. He graduated from the Arellano High School and entered the College of Fine Arts of the University of the Philippines. His studies were cut short in his fourth year by the Japanese invasion of the Philippines in World War II. Two days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, he married Amalia Alcantara, a childhood neighbor and sweetheart.

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February 26th, 1922
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Santa Cruz, Manila


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