New Bedford Highway Killer

The New Bedford Highway Killer is an unidentified serial killer responsible for the deaths of nine women and the disappearances of two additional women in New Bedford, Massachusetts, between July 1988 and June 1989. All of the killer's victims were known prostitutes or substance abusers. 30-year old Debra Medeiros was last seen by her boyfriend on May 27, 1988. On July 2, her partially clothed skeleton was discovered by a motorist who stopped to urinate near a Mass Rte 140 exit ramp. She would not be positively identified, however, until February of the following year. Likewise, the remains of Nancy Paiva, 36, were discovered on July 30, 1988 near an I-195 exit ramp, and she would also not be identified until December of that year. Paiva had gone missing on July 11, 1988. On the same day, 34-year old Deborah DeMello disappeared and her remains were not found until November 8, close to where Pavia had been dumped. On November 11, a road crew working along I-195 stumbled upon the remains of 25-year old Dawn Mendes, who had been missing for a week. On December 1, 1988, an extensive roadway search led to the skeletal remains of Deborah McConnell, also 25, dumped off of Rte 140.


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