Newby O. Brantly

Newby Odell Brantly (born April 13, 1905 in Newport, Texas - died July 19, 1993 in Frederick, Oklahoma) was an inventor, engineer and entrepreneur who founded the Brantly Helicopter Corporation. Newby Brantly was the son of William Franklin and Ida Mae Brantly. He married in 1932 Emma Dean Armstrong, after she died in 1968 he married in 1969 Virginia Beth Hackler, they had a daughter Lynne Susan. The National Pilots Association named him 1961 "Pilot of the year". His inventions (amongst others) are a knitting machine for Penn Elastic Company (US-Patent 2067900 of 1935), a Pump jack (US-Patent 4534168 of 1983), a Brassiere for female athletes (Brantly/Cameo, US-Patent 5643043 of 1995) and a Backhoe loader for tractors. As an Entrepreneur he founded Brantly Helicopter, the Brantly Manufacturing Company and 1968 Frybrant in Frederick, Oklahoma.

Personal details

Date of birth
April 13th, 1905
United States of America
Date of death
July 22nd, 1993 at age of 88
Place of death

Organizations founded

1. Brantly International


Date funded


Official web page


621 S. Royal Rd., 75019 - Coppell, Texas

Wikiedia article

Brantly International Inc. is a helicopter company with its engineering and administrative offices based Coppell, Texas, United States. Manufacturing of Brantly-designed helicopters is now carried out by Qingdao Haili Helicopters of China.


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